SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

SpineCor Scoliosis Brace – Effective for Both Adolescent Scoliosis and Adult Scoliosis

Adolescent Scoliosis

Often times parents of teens with scoliosis are told to do nothing unless their child’s curvatures become severe. Often they follow the recommendations only to find out months later after doing nothing suddenly their child is a candidate for a scoliosis surgery which fuses the spine and uses metal pins and bars to set it in the right position. Providing treatment early on, when the scoliosis curvatures are most correctable, is the key to success. That is why new research findings in scoliosis treatment seem to be leaning toward beginning scoliosis treatment anytime a curvature reaches 20 degrees or more.

Spine Cor Brace Effective for Adolescent AND Adult Scoliosis

Spine Cor Brace Effective for Adolescent AND Adult Scoliosis

 Adult Scoliosis

While conventional treatments is limited for teens the treatment options for adults are even fewer.  Adults are generally not considered candidates for surgery because adult scoliosis know is a more slowly progressive condition. Over the years as the spine continues to curve out of shape and may push on other internal organs and displace them. This can cause a lot of different symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is chronic pain. This can turn into a real disability if the condition is left untreated. Along with pain, patients can experience cosmetic problems such as uneven shoulders and waist, as well as respiratory problems due to pressure on the lungs.

SpineCor – The “Un” Brace for Scoliosis

Hard shell braces are not very effective in reducing scoliosis curvatures, at best, they can be expected to stop the progression of the scoliosis curve. It is important to note that while the SpineCor Brace treatment was originally created to treat idiopathic scoliosis in children, but our doctors have successful adapted application of the SpineCor scoliosis brace for adult use too. Before the development of the SpineCor Brace, there was no effective way to treat pain from scoliosis in adults with bracing.

In most cases, the brace is worn during the day only for a period of several weeks while the body adjusts to the demands of wearing a brace. For adult scoliosis they will usually wear the brace only during their waking hours, anywhere from 8 -14 hours per day. For adolescents, after several weeks pass, the time in the brace will increase to a maximum of twenty hours per day.

Soft Scoliosis Brace

This type of a brace is constructed from elastic bands which allow the doctor to adjust the device to suit a particular patient’s curve pattern. The brace is set up to help re-train the spine to move back into proper position by providing a constant application of rehabilitative tension between the static components of the brace and the connected flexible bands. These bands provide corrective forces to the spine by restraining movements that worsen the curvatures and allowing freedom of movement for the patient in the direction of correction.

Combination Scoliosis Treatment

For many of our patients we also provide scoliosis specific exercises called the Schroth Method as part of a Comprehensive Scoliosis Treatment Program. These exercises are designed to strengthen specifically weakened spinal muscles to help the patient’s body reposition the spine. This can help reduce the postural component of the scoliosis curvature which can lead to alleviations of chronic pain and to an improvement in the cosmetic appearance of the spine itself.

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