Schroth Method of Scoliosis Exercises

Specific Scoliosis Exercises

The Answer to Stopping Scoliosis Progression

While most conventional medical orthopedic practitioners in the U.S. do no recommend exercise for scoliosis, this certainly is not the case in Europe. While not all types of exercises are beneficial for scoliosis, there are some scoliosis exercises have been proven to be effective as a form of corrective therapy and are now available in Raleigh North Carolina. One of the most effective is called The Schroth MethodĀ of scoliosis exercises.

Introducing the Schroth Method of Scoliosis Exercises

In 1927, a German physiotherapist named Katharina Schroth had developed a method of scoliosis exercise that helped manage and even reverse it. Because of her ground breaking achievement in non-surgical scoliosis treatment, she received the “Federal Cross of Merit” award. Since then her form of scoliosis specific exercise has undergone extensive clinically research and development and now, Schroth Method of scoliosis exercises are now recognized as an effective treatment to not only prevent the progression of scoliosis curvatures but also in many cases it is effective for reductions of curvatures without scoliosis surgery.

What is unique about the Schroth Method compared to most other exercises is that Schroth is specifically designed for scoliosis correction by moving the body into the direction of correction and it is done only on one side to affect the muscles on the inside of the curvature to help lengthen and strengthen theses shortened and weakened muscles. Most exercises are done bilaterally, which can actually make a scoliosis worse by causing the scoliosis to move further into the direction of the curvature when performed on the wrong side.

This type of treatment is beneficial for both adolescents and adults with scoliosis. Scoliosis is a significant rotation disorder of the spine that causes an uneven spiral of the spine and imbalances of the musculature of the back. The rotation of the spine may also cause a protrusion of the rib cage on one side.

Scoliosis Exercises for DerotationSchroth Method of scoliosis exercises are effective for reducing scoliosis curvatures as it alters the direction of the rotation dysfunction and helps strengthen and lengthen the specific weakened muscles of the spine. To help correct this muscular imbalance these very specific and individualized scoliosis exercises are done unilaterally and only on the side that has shortened and weakened.

Schroth Method of scoliosis exercises varies starting from the proper breathing to the correct posture and the management of pain. Schroth breathing or focused using both sides of the diaphragm properly and directional breathing that helps reshape the rib cage. Studies have shown that this form of exercise, when properly executed, will reshape the deformed ribcage, can reduce the scoliosis curvatures and relieve pain.

Schroth also uses positional isometric exercises help retrain the muscles of the pelvis, trunk and spine to help a person achieve a proper posture which in turn relieves pain and improves the overall function of the body. To learn to do them properly at home the patient must be instructed by a provider specially trained in the Method.

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